FutureForward Networking Platform Connects Employers to Students and Educators
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FutureForward Networking Platform Connects Employers to Students and Educators

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FutureForward is a networking tool designed to facilitate in-depth connections between students, educators, and local business professionals. Developed by Southeast Service Cooperative, FutureForward is a regionally sourced initiative created to address issues of workforce development, attraction, and retention. FutureForward will be piloted by high school students this spring with a full launch scheduled for the Fall of 2020.

Connecting high school students to local workforce opportunities is a key component to the economic vitality of our region. FutureForward will allow students and educators to connect with local employers and vice versa. Students can explore different types of jobs in our region to help them determine what type of career they might be interested in after high school. Students will be able to reach out to local businesses and employers to find real world opportunities to engage through internships, site visits, interviews, and job shadows. 

FutureForward is a free-to-use service for employers and makes it easy for local businesses to engage schools and educators. Employers can create a company profile on the website where they can add photos and videos to promote their business and industry. Through FutureForward, employers can add dates for tours and career hiring events to a public calendar for all to view. Employers can see when schools are hosting career fairs or looking for guest speakers and register for those events on FutureForward. Businesses can engage with educators to facilitate work-based learning experiences for students. It's easy for employers to opt in or out on FutureForward and find a comfortable level of engagement. 

Check out FutureForward for more information and sign up today! You can watch a demo for employers here.