Fairview Care Team
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Our Care Team
Fairview Care Center employs approximately 100 employees. We provide services in nursing, physical/ occupational/speech therapy, dietary, social services, activities, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance.

Meet The Team

 Thompson, Amy - Copy Amy Thompson, Administrator / amy.thompson@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6401
 Karlstad, Diana

Diana Karlstad, Director of Nursing / diana.karlstad@co.dodge.mn.us

Knox, Allyson Allyson Knox, Assistant Director of Nursing / allyson.knox@co.dodge.mn.us 507-635-6426
 Ampe, Katelyn Katelyn Ampe, Social Worker / katelyn.ampe@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6405
 Giesler, Courtney Courtney Giesler, Business Office Manager / courtney.giesler@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6402
 Diekman, Jordan Jordan Diekman, Activities Director / jordan.diekman@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6406
 Waters, Angie Angela Waters, Dietary Manager / angela.waters@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6432
 Bauer, Anthony Tony Bauer, Maintenance Director / tony.bauer@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6424
 Hale, Barb Barb Hale, Director of Environmental Services / barb.hale@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6419
 Holly Beaver Therapy
Holly Beaver, Rehab Care Program Director / holly.beaver@rehabcare.com

Kautz, Jess - Copy
Jess Kautz, Medicare Account Technician / jess.kautz@co.dodge.mn.us

 Tufte, Rita2 Rita Tufte, Nursing Unit Secretary / rita.tufte@co.dodge.mn.us 507-635-6416
 Tessa Stevenson - Copy Tessa Stevenson, Administrative Assistant / tessa.stevenson@co.dodge.mn.us  507-635-6403