Drug Court
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Dodge County Drug Court
22 6th Street East, Dept. 31 Mantorville, MN 55955-2200
Phone: 507-635-6180
Fax: 507-635-6187
Email: dodge.admin@dodgecountymn.gov


Drug Court Mission
Dodge County District Court, in the Third judicial District of Minnesota will provide an Adult Drug Court Program to reduce substance abuse and criminal behavior among participants and empower adults and families to support positive lifestyles by providing strength-based intensive intervention and rehabilitation services tailored to meet the needs of the families and each individual participant.

Dodge County Drug Court History
In November 2002 Dodge County started the juvenile Drug Court. The court was started under Beverly Roche, LSW and Honorable Judge Lawrence Agerter. In May of 2003 Dodge County started the Adult Drug Court Program.

Drug Court Primary Goals:

  1. Promote Public Safety
  2. Reduce Systems Costs
  3. Improve Offender and Family Functioning

Program Overview
The Drug Court Program in Dodge County, Minnesota is a one and half to two year program (based on individual progress) that utilizes a strength-based approach for participants and families. Individual's plans will be constructed for each participant where strengths, competencies, and personal resources can be applied to build solutions to combat addiction and criminal conduct. Throughout the program, participants are linked with appropriate specialized services and ancillary programs.

Drug Court Phases
Phases of the Drug Court intervention are intensive, gradually transitioning into less intensive intervention as the participant progresses. There are four phases in Drug Court where average completion of the phase is six months. During the phases you can either get an incentive (meeting program requirements) or sanctions (not meeting program requirements).