Construction & Demolition Debris
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Construction and Demolition Debris

  • Fee is $18.00/cubic yard including tax. (Prices subject to change.)
  • If questions, call Demolition Landfill at 507-634-7875
  • Hours are 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Mondays, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Tuesday - Friday, and 8 a.m. - 12:00 noon on Saturdays.
  • LIMITED LOADS - The Dodge County Demolition Landfill has been capped. This means that Dodge County will transfer/haul all demolition and construction debris that is brought into our facility to another landfill. For this reason, we are now limiting C & D loads to 8 cubic yards. If you have a larger project and have more than 8 cubic yards, please make arrangements to haul to a different facility. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you. 

ACCEPTABLE Mixed Construction and Demolition Debris Includes:

(C & D) Debris means solid waste resulting from the construction and demolition of buildings, roads, and other structures and includes the following material:

  • asphalt, bituminous, bricks, concrete, masonry, tree stumps, built-in cabinetry, ceramic fixtures, conduit, duct work, fencing materials (galvanized steel, untreated wood), glass (including window pane glass), insulation, metal, plastic building parts, roofing and shingles, sheetrock, siding, flooring, wiring, windows, doors, particle board, plywood, plaster, untreated wood, treated wood, railroad ties, countertops, incidental carpet and padding, tile, incidental packaging material like plastic wrap and cardboard, dried and empty caulking tubes, and dried joint compound.

UNACCEPTABLE Waste includes:

  • Asbestos, adhesive applicators or containers, Ag chemicals or pesticide containers, animal carcasses or rendering and slaughterhouse wastes, appliances, batteries, fluorescent tubes and ballasts, food waste, furniture and mattresses, hazardous waste or garbage, high-intensity discharge lamps, hot ashes or waste that could combust, large quantities of carpet and/or padding, infectious or medical waste, liquids, machinery or engine parts, mercury containing wastes, paints, thinners, solvents, varnishes, or resins, PCB-containing wastes, petroleum products, radioactive wastes, septic tank pumping or sludge, unrecognized waste, vehicles, yard waste.

THINK ABOUT DECONSTRUCTION BEFORE DEMOLITION! It is more environmentally friendly! Deconstruction can save items for reuse later on, and that keeps them out of landfills. So for some types of buildings, it makes sense.

Customers planning to demolish or renovate a Residential Structure or Commercial Structure should complete the PRE-RENOVATION/DEMOLITION ENVIRONMENTAL CHECKLIST prior to demolition and bring the list with you when delivering the debris to the landfill. The checklist is recommended but is not necessary.

Customers planning to demolish or renovate a commercial, public, industrial, or multi-family building, MUST complete a NOTIFICATION OF INTENT TO PERFORM DISPOSAL and bring a copy of the form to the Landfill prior to disposal. The Landfill will not accept the debris unless a copy of the form is provided. If the structure contains asbestos, you must also provide the Landfill with a copy of the asbestos removal company's TRANSPORTATION AND DISPOSAL MANIFEST.