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The Environmental Services Department provides services for the protection of public health and the environment. These services include waste disposal, recycling, composting, hazardous waste treatment, and water testing. The Environmental Department, together with the Zoning Office, enforces regulations including septic systems, storm water management, Shoreland use, wetland conservation, and solid waste disposal.

The Zoning Office is responsible for regulating land use through administration and enforcement of the Dodge County Zoning Ordinance, Dodge County Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Ordinance, and the Dodge County Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  The office is also responsible for feedlot assistance.

Zoning duties include, but are not limited to, receiving and reviewing land use applications, including Zoning Permits, Conditional Use Permits, Interim Use Permits, Variance requests, Amendment requests and Appeals.  Staff also receive and review septic permits, perform soil verifications and inspections of new sewage treatment systems.  In addition, zoning staff provide regulatory information and education on special areas such as floodplains, shorelands and wetlands.   The office also investigates land use complaints and violations and pursues compliance with zoning regulations, septic regulations and permit conditions.     

The Environmental and Zoning Offices have combined to provide customers a one stop location for services related to land use and the environment. 

Production Tax:
The Minnesota Department of Revenue administers the Solar Energy Production Tax and Wind Energy Production Tax. The Energy Production Tax report is due January 15 annually. For detailed information about the energy production taxes, visit our webpages Solar Energy Production Tax and Wind Energy Production Tax.

SSTS Grant
Dodge County was selected by the MPCA for $500,000 of grant funds through the Minnesota Environmental And Natural Resources Trust Fund to upgrade failing septic systems in order to protect groundwater. Click here to review the application for additional information and qualifications, or call 507-635-6272.


Check out the Waste Wizard on the Garbage and Recycling Page!

aste-to-Energy Service Fee Increase effective January 1, 2023. See Fact Sheet

2023-2024 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE for Dodge County Transfer Station/Recycling Center
2024-2025 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE for Dodge County Transfer Station/Recycling Center

Dodge County is a Quarantined County for Emerald Ash Borer

To learn more, read the following: EAB News Release

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Have you tested your home for Radon? Free radon kits are available at Dodge County Environmental Services- 2nd floor of the Government Services Building.   

Press Release for Radon Action Month : https://www.health.state.mn.us/news/pressrel/2022/radon010522.html

You can also get a low cost radon test kit for $12.95  if you go to mn.radon.com

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2012 NRBG Reports - Feedlot  LWM  SSTS  Shoreland  WCA
2013 NRBG Reports - Feedlot  LWM  SSTS  Shoreland  WCA
2014 NRBG Reports - Feedlot  LWM  SSTS  Shorelend  WCA 
2015 NRBG Reports - Feedlot  LWM  SSTS   SSTS Incentive  Shoreland  WCA
2016 NRBG Reports - LWM  SSTS  SSTS Upgrade  SSTS Incentive  Shoreland WCA
2017 NRBG Reports - LWM  SSTS  SSTS Incentive  SSTS Upgrade  SSTS Upgrade #2  Shoreland  WCA

"2017 Dodge County Water Monitoring Update" Powerpoint presentation.

GRANT FUNDING may be available for failing septic systems. See Grants & Loans page.  

PHONE:   507-635-6272  ZONING
                      507-635-6273  ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES
LAUREN CORNELIUS        ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DIRECTOR                lauren.cornelius@dodgecountymn.gov
KEN PAULSON                      SOLID WASTE FACILITY MANAGER                        
RITA COLE                            WASTE MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATOR          rita.cole@dodgecountymn.gov 

CATHERINE GRONDIN              ZONING ADMINISTRATOR                             catherine.grondin@dodgecountymn.gov      
ELIZABETH HARBAUGH      SSTS PROGRAM MANAGER                          elizabeth.harbaugh@dodgecountymn.gov
MELISSA DEVETTER            PROJECT MANAGER                                               melissa.devetter@dodgecountymn.gov
JACKSON MILLER                  ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM MANAGER               jackson.miller@dodgecountymn.gov
SAMANTHA JOHNSON                 ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICIAN               samantha.johnson@dodgecountymn.gov