Residential junk yards, what's not OK?
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Are there laws governing junk-filled yards? Yes, there are rules in Dodge County that are geared to protect the environment, neighborhood safety and quality of life.

After all, no one wants to drive by or live next to an unsightly or even dangerous collection of ‘stuff.’ Even though one man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, sometimes trash is just trash. Or treasures need to find a proper home; maybe recycle that collection of metal?

County ordinances prohibit this type of blight in Dodge County and include penalties ranging from misdemeanor citations to clean-up orders.

Environmental Services Director Mark Gamm explained that, “In general, county law limits the amount of junk, old appliances, unlicensed vehicles, and obsolete materials that can be stored on private property. County ordinance requires materials and equipment to be stored within a building or fully screened to not be visible from adjoining property. Landowners are not allowed to operate a junk yard to buy and sell scrap metal or operate a business without a permit. No person is allowed to store waste or garbage outside or burn or bury household trash on their property. These are just a few of the general rules related to junky yards; more detail can be obtained by contacting the County Environmental Services Department or reviewing the county’s web site/Environmental Services page.”