Satisfy your hunger to help build homes!
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5 Dollar Pizza in Rochester, MN is teaming up with Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity to help families needing affordable housing.  Every Thursday now until the end of October, call 5 Dollar Pizza and ask for the “Two Rivers Dinner Special!”  

Call 507-258-5528.

Look at this deal for your family, for ONLY $22.  One stop shopping for dinner and sweet treats for dessert.  A portion of each sale will be set aside to help us fund a land purchase in Rochester, and you're supporting a locally owned business. Thank you to Doug, Rod and the staff  of 5 Dollar Pizza for this opportunity!  "The dream works because the team works."  Call 507-258-5528.

Habitat ReStore
3034 40th Ave NW
Rochester, MN 55901

Build Homes with Pizza

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