Valuation notices and property tax statements have been mailed
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Each Spring, counties in Minnesota send property owners two documents. One is the ‘Property Tax Statement,’ and it has payment coupons attached on the bottom. The second one is the ‘Valuation Notice.’ That document shows what the values on property are for the current year for taxes payable the following year.

For example, the Valuation Notice property owners have just received are 2022 values for taxes payable in 2023.

If property owners disagree with this valuation or there is incorrect information on this notice, now is the time to discuss these values with staff members in the Assessor’s office. The Local Board of Appeal and Equalization (LBAE) meeting information and County Board of Appeal and Equalization (CBAE) meeting is listed on the valuation notice along with the contact number for the Land Records office. If you misplace your valuation notice(s), this information can also be found on the Dodge County website.

The other document property owners receive is the Property Tax Statement.

This statement shows the amount of property taxes due this year. The first half payment is due on or before May 16 and the second half is due on or before Oct. 17 for Residential Homestead and Non-Homestead property. For Homestead and Non-Homestead Ag, the due dates are May 16 and November 15. Mobile home statements are mailed out in July and are due August 31 and November 15.

The tax statement is also used for filing the Minnesota Property Tax Refund Form M1PR. The Property Refund form is due by August 15 for the quickest refund, however claims may be filed until August 15 of the following year. This is an annual legislative appropriation and is granted until all funds are expended. You may qualify for the Minnesota Property Tax Refund either by meeting the income guidelines or by the special refund triggered by a tax increase of more than 12% and a minimum of $100.