Improvements to Dodge County Fairgrounds Include a new Event Center
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At the Dodge County Fairgrounds, southwest of the fair office, a large building is starting to take shape. Last July, the County Commissioners approved this project, explained County Facilities and Fleet Manager Duke Harbaugh. 

He said, “A.B. Systems is constructing a 45’x110’ event center that will be a temperature-controlled space for the public to rent for social functions with a capacity of 292 people, a prep kitchen/serving area, and two bathrooms.”

He explained that the county is also, “in the final stage of installing all new underground infrastructure within the Fairgrounds. With the aging overhead electrical, we actually had a power line go down during the fair last year and have struggled with water supply for all the vendors and 4H use. Dodge County contracted with Hodgman Drainage and Miner Electric to install a new underground water system that supplies the entire area, at depths that should not freeze, as well as to install a new underground electrical system throughout the grounds and into buildings.”

He commented that, “This project has been talked about since I started over ten years ago so it’s exciting to see these projects nearing completion. The work is something the citizens will benefit from for years to come.” 

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