Dodge County Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis Presentation
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Dodge County Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis Presentation

Housing Study Presentation
Many communities across Greater Minnesota are challenged with fulfilling their housing needs.  In an effort to remain proactive and strategic, many Dodge County communities are taking steps to conduct comprehensive housing studies.  The primary objective of these studies is to assist in determining each community’s housing deficits.  They will provide a detailed analysis that will identify current and future housing needs in the community and help decision makers develop a greater understanding of the housing market.

Communities are often provided with recommendations and action plans for housing development (both short and long-term), as well as, tools and policies that will assist in implementation based on an examination of the demographics, economic characteristics and trends, and current housing market conditions.  This study will deliver valuable information that community leaders, stakeholders, and decision-makers can use to promote development activity and investment as it shows those potential developers and investors the needs and viability of targeted projects within their communities.

 County communities have commissioned this study through Maxfield Research and Consulting. The County is hoping that the study will analyze and ascertain the housing needs county-wide as well as the specific needs of each of the six individual communities within the county.  This housing study is the first step in securing the necessary residential options for those individuals living, working or considering relocation to Dodge County. Once complete, the study’s results will provide City and County officials with data that can effectively market the community to appropriate developers as well as aid them in their planning process.

The Dodge County Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis has funded by donations from community stakeholders.  Additionally, the project received a $5,000 Feasibility Study grant from Compeer Financial.  The study’s findings will be presented to the Community on Wednesday, April 17th at 4:30pm in Conference Room B of the Government Services Building.

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