Highway 14 access study completed
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At their Jan. 26 meeting, the Dodge County Commissioners discussed the findings of an 18-month-long study of options for future accesses to Trunk Highway 14.

The group then accepted the findings of the study.

County Engineer Guy Kohlnhofer explained that those responsible for highway planning must look decades into the future. Access planning for this highway had to take into account projected growth on the east and west sides of Byron, the east side of Kasson and west side of Rochester.

He noted, “For the past 18 months a team comprised of representatives from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Olmsted and Dodge Counties, and the cities of Byron and Kasson have studied the various options for future access to TH 14 from Rochester to Kasson. The purpose of the study was for all entities to agree on locations for future accesses to the highway. This is the third such study since 1995. It was the most in-depth study to date and the only one to get consensus from all involved parties.

He also reminded the commissioners that no funds are available for construction. but locations of future accesses are, “…vital for planning and development of the area.”

The representatives in the study agreed that the accesses will be at County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 15 in Dodge County and CSAH 5, 3 and 44 (old 104) in Olmsted County.

A summary of the study findings can be found at https://www.us14corridoranalysis.com/project- materials/