Dodge County Has High Level of Community Transmission of COVID 19
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Dodge County Public Health Director Amy Caron is urging members of the public to get vaccinated and to wear masks. Just one month ago, Dodge County had several days with no new positive cases of COVID 19, but within the past two weeks, the county has had 58 new cases of the virus. Because of this, the county has been classified as having a High Level of Community Transmission of COVID-19 by the Centers for Disease Control.

Hospitalizations are up across the state. To keep beds available for those who need them and to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, county officials are asking everyone to follow these recommendations to prevent illness and to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.

- Get vaccinated. For COVID-19, and any other immunizations you might be behind on.

- Use a face covering when indoors or near others, even if you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

- Stay home if you are ill.

- Get tested if it is recommended. This helps the medical community to better understand diseases impacting our county.

- Wash your hands frequently, and especially before touching your face or eating.

- Give your neighbors some breathing room. Keep 6 feet apart when you are able.