Trunk Highway 57 is opening Nov 17
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The Minnesota Department of Transportation is planning to open Trunk Highway 57 to regular traffic on Nov. 17 if all goes well. Dodge County Engineer Guy Kohlnhofer explained that the project is mostly finished north of First St. NW in Kasson and south of 11th St. NE. The work south of First St. NW had to be delayed because of supply chain problems with the materials needed for the utility work in the area. The section of road that is complete is now a three-lane road with no parking on either side. The center lane is for left turns only. Drivers may not travel in the center lane unless they are within 200 feet of their turn, explained Guy. To learn more about using the center turning lane, visit,vid:OOroOuZGP4E

In Kasson, Highway 57 is a three-lane road south of the Highway 57/Veterans Memorial Highway intersection.

Next year the project will continue the rebuilding of Highway 57 south to Veterans Memorial Highway to include two roundabouts. One is at Highway 57 and Veterans Memorial Highway/Dodge County Road 34. Another is a mini-roundabout at Highway 57 and Main St. A third roundabout by the high school is planned to be constructed in 2023 as a separate project managed by the city.

More details about the project are available at