Jane Sheeran, Administrator of the Fairview Care Center, is Retiring
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Jane Sheeran has been the Administrator of the Fairview Care Center since November 2003. During her time there, the facility has gone through major upgrades including a new HVAC system, room updates, a new call light and fire alarm system, a new boiler, new flooring and furniture, new nurses’ stations, and the remodeling of the medication room.

Jane said that when she was hired, “I quickly learned that the current board members and all future board members were very proud of the fact that Dodge County owned a nursing home and were able to provide care and services to the elderly in our communities.”

She greatly appreciates the support from the County Board of Commissioners through every challenge the facility faced.

About her job, Jane said, “Caring for the elderly is one the greatest honors that someone can be a part of. I have learned so much from the many, many residents I have encountered over the years and have fond memories of them. Listening to their stories of how life was during the Depression will always stick with me. Life was not easy, but the focus was on family and keeping things simple and I like to keep that in mind.”

Then she remarked, “Over the course of my 19 years at Fairview, we have tackled many challenges, celebrated many successes, addressed changes in regulations and reimbursement models but nothing will compare with what COVID 19 threw at us. All nursing homes were thrust into the spotlight, and we had to handle change upon change from so many regulatory authorities and it was plain and simply scary for us. I wish everyone could have experienced what the Fairview Team did together to get through these times. The employees at Fairview Care Center were nothing short of amazing and so dedicated and committed to going way above and beyond to get us through what COVID 19 did to us.

I want to sincerely thank the board members for the support they have given me over the years and feel this is a huge part of why Fairview has been successful and is still able to continue to provide care and services to the elderly.”

Board Chair Tim Tjosaas, remarked, “Jane has been a dedicated and great executive director here at Fairview for the last 19 years. She has been a wonderful leader who always had the residents on her mind as we navigated through any issue or concern.”

County Administrator Jim Elmquist agreed, saying, “During the several years I have worked with Jane, I was always impressed with how well she ran Fairview. She loved the residents and the employees and always worked incredibly hard to ensure the best care in the facility. She is going to be missed.”

Jane is looking forward to retirement, but she will miss the staff members and her job. She said, “We have laughed, cried, disagreed, hugged, prayed, and did whatever we needed to do to get the job done and provide a place for our residents to call home, feel safe, be well cared for, and be loved. Carry on and keep doing the beautiful work you do! I will always carry with me great pride in Fairview Care Center as I end my time here.”

She particularly wants to thank her family; her husband, Tim and the couple’s three children, Sara, Hayden, and Hanna, “…who were always so supportive and understanding when the days got long, and I needed to be at work more than usual.”

Tim voiced the feelings of the entire board of commissioners saying, “Jane will be greatly missed, and we wish her well in retirement.”

Jane Sheeran