Lora Walker selected as Caregiver of the Year for District F
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Lora Walker has been a Certified Nursing Assistant at Fairview Care Center in Dodge Center since 1988. She was recently selected as Caregiver of the Year for District F by LeadingAge Minnesota, Minnesota’s largest association of organizations serving older adults. Lora received the award at the LeadingAge Minnesota Institute & Expo in early February. The two-day aging services conference is held annually and draws more than 3,000 professionals.

Fairview Care Center Administrator Amy Thompson said, “Lora has been with Fairview Care Center for 35 years. During this time, she has tirelessly worked to improve the lives of our residents. We are blessed to have such a caring professional taking care of our residents. On behalf of everyone who works and lives at Fairview Care Center, we thank Lora for her unwavering commitment to professional caregiving and improving the lives of the older adults who live here.”

Courtney Giesler, Business Office Manager at Fairview Care Center, said, “Lora’s demeanor is calm, compassionate, loving, and patient. She has built a great rapport with staff, residents, and family members. She leads her team with empathy and respect. She actively listens to the needs and requests of our residents. She is a wonderful asset to our family here at Fairview Care Center. Her attendance is phenomenal. I believe she has only called in sick once and that was when she had COVID, and, I think she still came in and worked the COVID positive unit.

She was always a breath of fresh air to team up with. The stress and long hours can wear on a person, but it never shows on her. She never refuses to help, and she never says something isn’t her job. Instead, she asks how she can assist.”

There are many stories about Lora’s care and concern for patients. She also worked as a Restorative Aide in Physical Therapy for more than a decade. Back in 2013, Lora helped a resident who came to the facility for rehabilitation.

“When he came to our facility, he could not walk and was told from the doctors that he may never walk again. This resident was determined to walk, and Lora was determined to make sure he achieved that goal. She worked with him every day for three months and got him walking. He was able to walk the whole length of a resident wing, and from there he was able to go home. Both Lora and the resident were ecstatic about the accomplishment.”

In 2002, Lora cared for a female resident who was in for rehabilitation also. The resident had polio when she was younger which left her disabled. Even though the resident was disabled, she still had had three children, and she ran her own company. Lora was amazed at how positive this resident was with all the struggles she had had in her past. The resident told Lora that there is always something to be grateful for. Lora said, “That comment sticks with me every day and helps be get through some of the hardest times.”

Congratulations, Lora. Dodge County is proud to have your spectacular service.
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